20 08, 2010

Rapeseed Harvest

We are now in the middle of harvest, which is our busiest time of year. We grow the crop all year and over the next two months we hope for the weather to hold off and the sun to come out so we can crack on with harvesting our crops. Our rapeseed has now all [...]

4 08, 2010

Harvest has started

The rapeseed harvest has begun. On Monday this week we finished our barley and started on the rape. After a hard year for rape to grow with a very dry period in September/ October last year our yields will be down but a quality will remain. The farm was going flat with the lads on [...]

22 07, 2010

Cotswold Gold

The farm is about to be kicked in to action with harvest fast approaching. We are set to start cutting barley next week with the rape following straight after. This is a new page that we hope you will follow to see what is going on at the farm and so we can let you [...]