7 09, 2011

Its all in and harvest is over for another year…


With the dry weather that we have had this year brought the harvest earlier and what we feared to be a poor year. This was not the case and we are delighted how the fields have held up to very little rain. This is down to the heavy heavy clay that we have on the [...]

Its all in and harvest is over for another year…2019-04-09T16:17:57+01:00
14 04, 2011

The Yellow Flowers our out and Spring is upon us


Spring has now arrived and let’s hope that we have not seen the last of the sun and it continues in to the Summer. As I am sure you have seen on your drive around the countryside the fields are turning yellow. This brings with it a lot of finger pointing regarding the cores of [...]

The Yellow Flowers our out and Spring is upon us2019-04-09T16:17:58+01:00
10 03, 2011

Looking forward to the 4th April


The new series of Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets has now started every Monday night at 8.30pm BBC2. He has been putting together some amazing recipes and has been using rapeseed oil a lot in his cooking. On the 4th April they will be showing his visit to Cotswold Gold and the day that he had [...]

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20 01, 2011

The Cold Weather Finishes off a good First Year


We would like to thank everyone that has helped or been a part of Cotswold Gold Ltd in the last few month. We have moved from the kitchen table, to overloading and snapping in half the dinning room table and now in our final resting spot in out factory on the farm. The first year [...]

The Cold Weather Finishes off a good First Year2019-04-09T16:17:58+01:00
30 11, 2010

A good Two Weeks For CG


We are very please do announce that we have just won two awards this week. The Business Awards 2010 Entrepreneurs of the Year and Universities SW Enterprise, Young Entrepreneurs of the year 2010 Lorry picking up the award Below if part of the RAC’s news bulletin: “We are delighted to report that on 16 November [...]

A good Two Weeks For CG2019-04-09T16:17:58+01:00
20 10, 2010

Drilling is coming to an end


After a good harvest we have been working hard to get next years crop in the ground. This is always at the mercy of the weather. This year we have managed do reduce our carbon foot print by direct drilling all the rape. This helps to reduce the amount of fuel that we have to [...]

Drilling is coming to an end2019-04-09T16:17:58+01:00
6 09, 2010



We have had a good run with out rain but it was never going to last. The heavens have opened and everything is sodden. This is not all bad as we have started to drill next years rape and this rain will do it a world of good. All wheat in and just the spring [...]