Trade Enquiries – Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, Schools, Chefs!

From field to bottle and all the way to the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, caterers, fish & chip shops, schools and cooking schools.  Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at the list of some of the fabulous establishments using our rapeseed oil.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can arrange product samples for you to try. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

We supply all of our oil and Drizzle products in glass bottles in the following sizes: 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml

Metal containers
We supply all of our oil products in metal containers in the following sizes: 2.5ltrs and 25ltrs

Recycled Plastic containers
We supply all of our oil and Drizzle products in plastic containers in the following sizes: 5ltrs, 25ltrs and 1000ltrs

Our mayonnaise is also available in 5ltr containers – ideal for commercial kitchens.

Frying Oil

We supply frying oil and collect waste oil within a 20 mile radius of the farm. (Environment Agency Registration Number CB/FE5702MD)


All of our products are available for wholesale distribution.


All of our products are available to be purchased for retail including delis, farm shops, tourist centres, gift shops, cafes, service stations, guest houses, hampers etc.

For more information on case sizes and minimum order quantities please contact

Zero Waste Retail

Cotswold Gold Zero Waste Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

We offer a zero waste shop friendly service whereby we deliver (via courier) recyclable plastic containers of our premium extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil with a tap so customers can fill their own bottles. Once the oil has been used we will collect the container and bring back a re-filled one therefore maintaining a zero-waste policy. The containers returned to us are then cleaned and re-used making this a really sustainable way to shop.

Thankfully package free shopping is becoming increasingly popular with more re-fill amenities appearing across the country from independent retailers to supermarkets. We want to enable our customers to buy our rapeseed oil in this environmentally friendly way.

We can supply any of our oil products in the following containers;

  • 5 litre recycled plastic PPE container
  • 25 litre recycled plastic PPE container with fill tap

For more information on our zero waste products please contact

Delivery Information:
Nationwide delivery is FREE subject to minimum order.

“We’ve been using Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil for a few years now, it’s flavour is the best we have found”

Dan Cox, Executive Head Chef, Fera at Claridge’s

“Cotswold Gold is a regular ingredient used in the Raymond Blanc Cookery School”

Mark Peregrine, Director of The Raymond Blanc Cookery School

“We use Cotswold Gold to deep fry at Russells Fish & Chips because it can take the high temperatures, is smokeless and cooks to perfection in a delicious golden colour.”

Ross Cameron, Manager, Russells Fish & Chips, Broadway

“‘liquid gold’. The quality and flavor is second to none, so I am using it in our award winning Restaurant, The Feathered Nest Inn, instead of olive oil in all my recipes.

It make delicious salad dressings, mayonnaise and fries fish to a deep golden colour.”

Head Chef at The Feathered Nest Inn , Kuba Winkowski

“‘Charlie and his team are a great local company who always produces an amazing quality and consistent product. We can rely on Charlie to deliver the finest produce consistently very time.”

Mike Rooke, Executive Head Chef, Cheltenham College