Our Zero Waste Philsophy

We aim to work to a virtually zero waste model within our business.

Here are just a few steps we take to ensure this;

  • We collect waste frying oil from customers (pubs, restaurants, schools etc.) which we then pass through a filter to clean it before it is taken away to be used for bio-fuel.

  • We have even designed our office and factory heating system to run off our waste oil.

  • Our rapeseed ‘cake’, which is the meal bi-product created during the pressing process, is sold for cattle feed. This is essentially rapeseed husk but still retains much of the nutrients from the oils so is great to use as a conditioning animal feed.

  • We re-use packaging wherever we can. Even our office furniture is made from disused pallets!

  • We offer a zero waste retail service whereby we deliver bulk recyclable plastic containers of our premium extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil with a tap to shops so customers can fill their own bottles. Once the oil has been used we will collect the container and bring back a re-filled one therefore maintaining a zero-waste policy. The containers returned to us are then cleaned out and re-used and when they reach the end of their lifespan they are sent for recycling.

Package free shopping is a great way for the end customer to shop in a more environmentally friendly way and is something that we fully support.

For more information about zero waste retail please see our Wholesale page