Cotswold Gold Garlic Mayonnaise Runner up Product of the Year!

Fantastic! Cotswold Gold Garlic Mayonnaise was a runner up ‘Food Product of the Year’ at the 2015 Cotswold Life Food and Drinks Awards. We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening at Cheltenham Racecourse enjoying great food and the company of the regions foodie elite. The goody bags were pretty epic too! Thank you to our category sponsors Royal Three Counties Show. Cotswold Gold mayonnaise product of the year.

Farming is a strange business.

You spend all year growing your crops at the mercy of the weather and using everything you have to help get the best out of your land and the crops. Once the crop has grown and is ready to be cut you have a two month window to get it all cut and in. So a farmers income is reliant on a two months window with the weather being kind and the price being right. There is a high risk and now I am sure you can see why farmers are seen as grumpy and never happy with the weather.

Harvest is just one side of farming that is happening at that time. We are also looking to get next years crop in the ground to get established before the frost comes and stops everything from growing. This is normally done at the same time as harvest but this year due to the weather more work has had to be done in the fields to mend the soil damage that has happened with the heavy machinery compacting the wet soil. This has had many knock on effects and we are still not all drilled up and waiting for the break in the weather. It must come this side of Christmas….!?