We are finding that our larger 2.5 litre tins of Cotswold Gold are becoming increasingly popular as people make a conscious effort to cut down on waste. Bulk buying and re-filling your existing kitchen top bottle is also the most cost effective way to ensure your oil is always topped up. It’s simple to re-fill your bottles too and we have made this short film to show you the best way to open our 2.5lt Cotswold Gold tin. Hopefully this will make life a little easier, avoid any unwanted spillages and encourage more people to consider always keeping their favourite everyday oil in stock.

Our short film below shows just how easy it is to open.

Our 2.5lt tins are a great product to have on hand if you use Cotswold Gold daily.

If you needed any further persuasion whether or not it is right for you, check out just a few of the reviews below.

2.5lt Cotswold Gold

To see more videos from us head over to our You Tube channel The Cotswold Gold.