Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil – 2.5 Litres


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Cotswold Gold extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil can be used in place of any other oil or butter in all your recipes.

Cotswold Gold extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil can be used in place of any other oil or butter in all your recipes.

  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

Cotswold Gold Original Rapeseed Oil is available in a number of sizes to suit your culinary needs.


Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil 2.5lt

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil 2.5lt can is the perfect size for families. A premium, extra virgin rapeseed oil made using traditional cold pressing methods. We only use crops grown on our family farm in the Cotswolds because this ensures that only the finest seeds are pressed. As a result our Cotswold Gold is a vibrant, golden colour.

Cold pressing preserves the natural health benefits of the seed……

  • naturally high in vitamin E
  • rich in omegas 3, 6 & 9
  • low in cholesterol

All our oil is grown, harvested, pressed & bottled here on our farm in the Cotswolds.

With an extremely high flashpoint of 240° Cotswold Gold gives a crispy finish to fried and roasted foods whilst retaining its light, nutty flavour.

This versatile oil can be used for;

  • dipping
  • salad dressings
  • marinades
  • mayonnaise
  • baking (bread & cakes)
  • stir frying
  • shallow frying
  • roasting
  • deep frying
Overall, it may be said that Cotswold Gold is unquestionably the best oil to use for cooking due to it’s natural health benefits & cooking qualities.
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Weight 2.7 kg

50 reviews for Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil – 2.5 Litres

  1. Richard

    Excellent product, bought 2.5 litre can at the Good food show in Birmingham and its nearly all gone. I use it for frying roasting and homemade dressings all have been very successful. I am about to order some more!

  2. Karen Frost

    Good quality
    We bought a 2.5 litre can at Herefordshire Food Festival. It is excellent as a local replacement for extra virgin olive oil plus it gets nice and hot so great for stir fry as well as a dressing for salads. Just about to buy some more.

  3. Nicky Griffiths

    Great for making bread
    I have been using this when I make homemade bread and my loaves have a marvellous texture. It is great for cooking and dressings too.

  4. Julia Jennings

    Fabulous oil – we decant in to a pretty glass bottle and it’s a bargain buying this way too.

    Beautiful product and healthier for us too


    Never use any other oils always Cotswold Gold

    brilliant product.

  6. Jane

    Have always loved this oil but cannot get to the farm now and the local supplier has now stopped selling it which is a shame as it was good to see it in Tewkesbury.Thank heavens for delivery service. Best taste ever.

  7. R Emmerson

    Originally found this at the Good Food Show in Birmingham. Bought various products and now use them all the time. Have gone from buying small bottles, to larger bottles and now to the can. Its a fantastic, versatile product. Can wholly recommend.

  8. Greg

    Originally bought this at Hereford food festival a few years back. Excellent product and as we are on Isle of Wight the fast and efficient delivery service is superb. We use it to make cakes, bread and all types of frying/roasting.

  9. Jennifer Henderson

    Fabulous oil. I decant it from the 2.5 litre tin into an attractive glass jug and use it for absolutely everything. It is the only oil I have used in the last three years.

  10. Annabelle Valentine

    This oil is absolutely delicious! I will definitely buy again.

  11. Grahame Jones

    Grahame – June 2016

    Discovered this product at the Spirit of Christmas event in London many years ago when new to the market. Never contemplate using anything else.
    Just received latest 2.5 litre tin. Forgot to order the chilli version so back to shop online.

  12. Peter

    I wasn’t impressed with the supermarket Rapeseed oil I had bought previously and dismissed it until I noticed a glowing recommendation of Cotswold Gold by my favourite chef Raymond Blanc. After an exchange of emails with Charlie, who is a most engaging character, he convinced me to give his product a try – I did! The slight pepperiness of Cotswold Gold is reminiscent of Olive oil of course, but I love that. And the fact that it has such a high smoke point, it’s suitable for high temperature frying like stir fries. I’m ‘Sold on Gold’!

  13. Sarah

    An excellent alternative to olive oil which I now use for all my cooking and baking, like many I first discovered Cotswold Gold at the Good Food show in 2014 and have been buying it ever since, flavour is fantastic

  14. John french

    The 3rd time I have purchased this item & I still love it. Far better & more tasty than the supermarket products. A bit more pricey but it’s worth it.

  15. Jennifer

    I have been using Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil for over four years now. My preference for rapeseed oil was encouraged by recommendations by some of my favourite chefs. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir, Rick Stein and James Martin, It is the oil of choice in the kitchens of the Dorchester and the House of Lords. I buy four large tins at at time, as it has a good shelf life of at least 18 months, and I like to give one tin away as an unusual special present.

    This beautiful golden oil has higher levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 than any other vegetable oil and has a ferociously high smoke point of more than 220C, so good for roasting and frying. It has less saturated fat than all other cooking oils. I used to use extra virgin olive oil as well, now I use Cotswold Gold for everything as I love it so much. Like many other reviewers, I decant it into a pretty green glass bottle.

  16. Stephen

    We have been using this for the last couple of years now. Great local product. and, bought like this, good value for money.

  17. Jeff brinley

    Been using this oil for several years and love its versatility.
    2.5l tin is a cost effective way of buying it
    I always buy two to avoid the postage

  18. pauline setchfield

    Second time I have purchased this. Very good quality – would not consider buying any other.

  19. Tim Coulson

    My ire and I have been using Gold Oil from this supplier for many years and can recommend it for use instead of water in Breadmaking Machines. The quality is smooth and excellent taste, reliable and a good long life too.

    Our children often ask what makes our bread so soft and sweet, the oil of course. Excellent delivery on time too, thank you Cotswold Gold

  20. Di

    Have been using the oil for many years, the best on the market.

  21. Sylvia Baker

    I’ve bought the cotswold gold rapeseed oil for many years now. I didn’t used to like rapeseed oil until I discovered Cotswold gold at food fair . It’s so delicous you could almost drink it. Makes the best crispy roast spuds ever with the most beautiful golden colour. I now much prefer it to olive oil. Would one hundred percent recommend.

  22. Suzette

    This was my first purchase of the 2.5L can of cold pressed rapeseed oil from this company. The Cotswold Gold Online service was straightforward and I received my oil in good time. It is a lovely golden green given the seasonality of the product and has a mild peppery note, reminiscent of extra virgin olive oil but without the issue of being unable to cook with it at a high heat. I appreciated the option of a tin to keep the oil out of the light to prolong my shelf life. I will definitely order again. Thank you.

  23. Ann Smith

    The oil is brilliant and I always use it. The only thing is that it is only today when I watched the video I found out how to pour the oil without spilling it!! Maybe an instruction with the oil would help folk like me that do not find the cap intuitive? Will continue to buy this lovely product and now I won’t spill it when dispensing.

  24. Jules

    We originally bought a can a few years ago at the Good food show in Birmingham & have used Cotswold Gold ever since. We love the flavour & the fact the oil is so healthy. We never use anything else. This was my first online purchase of the oil as previously we had gone to the producers directly and bought it. I was very impressed how easy it was to buy online & how quickly it was delivered & will definitely be doing this in future.

  25. Val Phillips

    As a long standing user of this product, I feel the postage is a tad expensive compared to the price of the product but it is so well worth it!

  26. Julie Cozens

    We have been using cotswold gold rapeseed oil for several years. We love the fact that you can get it in the 2.5l can which usually lasts for several months. The taste is fantastic along with the health benefits compared to other cooking oils, so will continue to use this for as long as it is available. Well done cotswold gold for a wonderful product.

  27. Sarah

    A stable favourite in our kitchen for both cooking and as a cold dressing oil. Every vintage has been excellent and we have been fans for several years now.

  28. Helen

    This was my first purchase of rapeseed oil from Cotswold Gold and I am very pleased with it indeed. Great for roasting vegetables and I have used it in making a cake which turned out perfectly too. An excellent product!

  29. Jo Farthing

    Delicious rapeseed oil. By far the best I’ve tasted.

  30. Sarah

    My delivery of Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil arrived quickly after placing my order. I’m a regular user of Rapeseed oil, but this is the first time I’ve used Cotswold Gold. Rapeseed oil is extremely versatile with its own unique flavour, combining, blending or just on its own. It’s great for cooking at higher temperatures, we made scotch eggs which were delicious, and the most important thing to say is the oil does not overwhelm the taste of the food. I like this oil very much and will continue to use it in conjunction with olive oil and all my other favourites.

  31. Alison Giles

    Have used this Rapeseed oil since Charlie started absolutely love cooking with it, Roast potatoes are the best, dressings, bread just use it all the time

  32. Jules C

    We always use Cotswold Gold. We love it & wouldn’t use anything else.

  33. pat

    Have used this rapeseed oil, since discovering it at the Good Food Show several years ago. The tin is good value and the service excellent. it is also good to know that I am supporting local industry

  34. Danielle Battigelli

    Excellent oil for salads and cooking. It has almost completely replaced olive oil for us, and it’s good to know that it is locally sourced. The 2.5l tin is very convenient for storage and for refilling our bottle that is always in use.

  35. Adam

    Excellent service and quality, one of the best oils I’ve tasted.

  36. Jane Mathews

    Nothing to critise – delivered next day and well packaged. Easy to decant into my own bottle. The oil is the best I’ve tasted and, probably the healthiest. I’m converted and use it for dressings, sauces and bread making.

  37. diana Greene

    I saw a video promoting this product and was really taken by the ethos of the farm, the way they waste nothing. Although I live in Cornwall where I am sure I could find Rapeseed oil I immediately bought this product on line. I was literally blown away by the farm, what they were achieving and how it all helped the environment and cut down on the dreaded plastic.

    The container came almost overnight and I have already used it. It is a wonderful product, and I am totally pleased with it and the service I received from Cotswold Gold.

  38. Monica Lloyd

    Excellent product. Love the taste and the colour. More economical in the larger quantity and the service and delivery from the Company is second to none. Very pleased with everything.

  39. Viv

    Excellent rapeseed oil. Haven’t used any other since I found it about 4 years ago. Excellent in Carrot cake.
    Great service from Cotswold gold too

  40. Anton Esmail-Yakas

    Good price, good quality. Highly recommended if you go through a lot of cooking oil and care about what you’re eating. Delivery is quick and effective too.

  41. Keith

    Stunning, versatile and healthily

  42. Liz

    I have been using Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil for years. It is delicious in dressings and great to cook with too. I hardly ever use any other oil.
    Great online service if you can’t find it locally or at food festivals.

  43. Mike Adams

    We have been using Cotswold Gold Rapeseed oil for near on ten years and we swear by it. Their website is great and the service is unmatched. I received a can that had been dropped by the couriers and I emailed them to advise that their courier had been a bit lax, they sent another tin and did not want the bent tin returned. Excellent customer service!

  44. coolfrood

    I have been using Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil for 2 years after trying several others. I now buy 2 large tins at at time, as it has a shelf life of 18 months. I prefer its taste to any other I have tried. I have already bought 4 and will continue to buy.

    It has high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and a very high smoke point of more than 220ºC, so it is excellent for roasting and frying. It’s particularly good for uses where olive oil has too strong a flavour.

    The only reasons I don’t give 5 stars are that the pourer is not the greatest – they might learn from the better ones used for top quality Spanish and Italian olive oils; and that (unlike many continental oils) they don’t have a 5 litre option.

  45. Linda

    I have been buying the product since then first lockdown in 2020. One of the best oils I have used for multi-purpose cooking. Not only has it not increased in price during this time (the only food item I know that hasn’t), but the service is excellent, whether you order by phone or online. Anyone who is serious about food or cooking should make it their go to ingredient.

  46. Richard Davies

    My go to cooking oil, excellent product. Produced locally, and very little distance travelled.

  47. kate ainslie williams

    Love the Cotswold Gold – the only oil I use. Wonderful service when buying – great company.

  48. Mrs J J Comley

    Cotswold Gold Oil is the best you’ll find anywhere, I’ve been using it for years now and it’s the only oil I use. I can’t remember the last time I bought an imported oil but it was long before the current economic. problems and long before Brexit. Whether you want the infused flavours, plain liquid god or the drizzles, all their locally produced products are superb as is their service. A great British Company to deal with. (no I’m not a relative nor do I work for them! LoL !

  49. George Smith

    We’re fans of the excellent Ravida olive oil from Trapana in Sicily and have used it for years. Over time, we’ve begun sourcing local products to reduce our food miles and, with this in mind, we gave the Cotswolds Gold oil a try. WOW! We didn’t expect the oil to be as good as Ravida which has a deliciously sweet, cut grass scent. How pleasantly surprised we were. The Cotswolds Gold oil is better, with a lovely thick viscosity and a vibrant gold colouring. It has a light, hazelnut flavour yet an incredibly high smoke point when used in a frying pan or as a frying oil. It’s also delicious on breads and in place of butter. What a find!

  50. Andrew Marks

    I really like this oil it helps make all those great tasting bread and cake recipes healthier, plus I get the added bonus of it being locally produced and dispatched from only the next county over.
    I’ve just received my second 2.5ltr tin of Cotswold Gold which this time has arrived somewhat battered and bruised from its short journey along the way, but still arrived leak free and no reason not to stop me from re-ordering again in the future.

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