Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil – 5 Litres


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Our delicious extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil can be used in place of any other oil or butter in all your recipes.

  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

Cotswold Gold Original Rapeseed Oil is available in a number of sizes to suit your culinary needs.

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Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil 5lt

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil 5lt bottle is perfect for those looking to bulk buy & get value for money. A premium, extra virgin rapeseed oil made using traditional cold pressing methods. We only use crops grown on our family farm in the Cotswolds because this ensures that only the finest seeds are pressed. Ans as a result our Cotswold Gold is a vibrant, golden colour.

Cold pressing preserves the natural health benefits of the seed……

  • naturally high in vitamin E
  • rich in omegas 3, 6 & 9
  • low in cholesterol

All our oil is grown, harvested, pressed & bottled here on our farm in the Cotswolds.

With an extremely high flashpoint of 240° Cotswold Gold gives a crispy finish to fried and roasted foods whilst retaining its light, nutty flavour.

This versatile oil can be used for;

  • dipping
  • salad dressings
  • marinades
  • mayonnaise
  • baking (bread & cakes)
  • stir frying
  • shallow frying
  • roasting
  • deep frying
Overall, it may be said that Cotswold Gold is unquestionably the best oil to use for cooking due to it’s natural health benefits & cooking qualities.


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37 reviews for Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil – 5 Litres

  1. Angela

    A good ‘all round’ oil and now available in the 5lt version, which is very helpful. Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil is easy to use for just about everything. It works well in currys, casseroles and roast vegetables, but is still light enough to use as a base oil when making salad dressings and dips.

  2. Heather

    My kitchen would be bare without this lovely the versatility of this product fast and simple delivery .Highly recommend.

  3. Nolan Vincent

    Met Charlie at the Marlborough food festival on a wet Saturday afternoon. We tried a host of the oils and were really impressed with the nutty taste from the ordinary oil seed rape oil. We bought a bottle of ordinary and 6 bottles of flavoured oil which we consumed In 12 months. So taken were we with the plain oil we recently purchased a 5 litre container of the oil and decant to a smaller bottle for daily use. Awesome product love the flavour cold with bread or in our cooking. Far better than olive oil which burns at higher temperatures would recommend to all.

  4. Tara Taylor

    Love this oil. Bought some at Spirit of Christmas about two years ago and haven’t used anything else since. It is great that you can now buy it in a 5lt bottle.

  5. Barbara

    I have been using Charlie’s oil for years and don’t use anything else. It is perfect for cooking, dressings and makes sauces a glorious colour. Brilliant that I can now buy it in a 5 litre container. 🙂

  6. Christine

    Saw this oil on the website decided to buy it , very impressed the lightest oil l have ever used. Not greasy, no nasty smell,taste clean in the mouth. As a therapist, l make my own skin care and I have made a skin blend with this oil ! it is amazing !Thank you Cotswold. My only issue is that it is difficult to decant the oil in a litre bottle. Delivery was very quick , will diffinately come for more. I have spread the good news to friends & family. Five stars !

  7. Heather Vick

    My world had come to an end as I had run out totally of this fab product..all stocked up now and normality reins.
    Quick delivery great service Love my Cotswold Gold Rape Oil

  8. Angela Fitch

    Great all-rounder. High burn temperature so can cope with a lot more than olive oil.

    Love the 5ltr – an optional oil bottle would make a good extra sales item – something attractive with an easy pour, no drop lip, spout or neck what do you reckon?


    Recently purchased some of the Cotswold gold oil, having read online of the health benefits of cooking with rapeseed oil. Looked online and was pleased to find Cotswold Gold and particularly liked the fact it was locally produced to me in Evesham, Worcestershire. Ordered online and was delivered very promptly, I was amazed at its beautiful gold colour and I amazed at the versatility of this oil in my cooking, and as for my chips they are good enough to rival Russells of Broadway, ha,ha,.

  10. J J C

    Just fabulous for everything! Used to have to keep different oils for different purposes, remembering that Olive Oil had a very low flash point not so good for cooking certain things! What a faff. The beautiful Gold does it all

  11. Nicky Griffiths

    I use this for pretty much everything. Love that it is produced locally to me too so I am reducing my food miles. Delivery is fast and efficient. Taste is great.

  12. GT

    First came across this product at the Hereford Food Festival a few years ago. Very versatile oil, we use it for almost everything from shallow to deep frying and others. Great to be able to get it in 5 litre pack, and the delivery to us on the Isle of Wight is excellent. Definitely the best oil aroung

  13. Bread Man Stu

    I have been using this oil for about 2 years now and it’s used for everything that I need oil for.
    I use this oil daily in my products that I make from my micro bakery.
    It’s great that I can get it in 5ltr containers as it lasts me a while as it’s more economical when bought this way.
    The best thing about this oil is that it knocks the spots of olive oil in so many ways.
    I wish more TV chefs would switch to this oil, instead of the constant promotions they give for a foreign made oil, when this oil is British and very local.
    Keep up the great work Charlie and I will forever buy your gorgeous oil.

  14. june wallis-walker

    I had to try it when I read that Raymond Blanc would not be without it in his kitchen. I was not disappointed. Now, I would not be without it.
    It is the best rapeseed oil I have ever tasted.

  15. JJC

    It’s all been said before, fabulous versatile tasty products, great Company to deal with! I now write to any company that I see using (even the sustainable) palm oil and suggest they use British cold pressed rapeseed oil! Let’s get the word out there!

  16. Claire

    Fantastic product and fantastic service and especially appreciated in these difficult times-thank you so much!

  17. Valerie Wright

    Excellent quality, excellent value for money, excellent delivery service. This product is the very best that I have used, so versatile, makes wonderful dressings and my oven baked chipped potatoes look and taste divine. Would not use anything else!

  18. Jane Shuter

    This is fabulous oil. We have had it before (and the Garlic Mayo, which is good too). The oil cooks so well, especially at high temperatures and isn’t smelly like corn oil.

  19. Rosie Amory

    Outstanding product and super customer service! Also a local business who I am delighted to support.

  20. Lin Lascelles

    Love the Cotswold Gold rape seed oil, such a relief to discover I could order it on line after recently losing our local stockist (The Green Weigh). We use it for everything! Excellent customer service and very reasonably priced. Thank you!

  21. David

    Have been using Cotswold Gold now for about 5 years. Amazing! Love it, versatile tasty and just a great product. Keep up the great work!

  22. Emma Percy

    A lockdown discovery is this wonderful versatile oil. We are cooking more and find this excellent for all kinds of dishes. Also good in salad dressings. Highly recommended

  23. Ange Lee

    Thankyou CG for providing this superb oil in 5L pack! I wouldn’t be without this in my kitchen have been using it for a few years now but it’s difficult to get in my area other than in a very small bottle size, so to be able to order this quantity direct online is excellent. I pretty much use this oil for everything, it’s so versatile….olive oil hardly gets touched here now…I use your oil to enrich bread dough, especially pizza, it makes a wonderful striking coloured mayonnaise (and one that tastes fabulous too) and great in salad dressings. It’s ability to be used at high temperatures means no acrid smelly after aromas of veg oil lingering in my kitchen when roasting…and especially when making large yorkshire puddings…oh and errmmmm you’ll be surprised to know I have also used it as part of a hot oil hair treatment! When I say versatile, this oil really is that versatile lol This 5L format is very good value for money, customer service is great, the website is easy to navigate and use and order from, and the items dispatched and delivered promptly and carefully securely packaged. Cannot recommend your oil and company high enough!

  24. Alexander Taylor

    I have used Cotswold Gold oil for many years now. I love the versatility of this oil. I use it for everything I do in the kitchen.

  25. Richard Hammond

    I have been buying this for about 3 years now. It’s such a versatile product to cook with and I even enjoy as a dip and on salads. We think of this as an essential part of our larder.

  26. Simon

    Forget imported olive oil! This rapeseed oil is far more compatible with British food and the Oriental quisines we Brits love and it comes from just down the road!

  27. Robyn & Ben

    We usually buy from Charlie at the Good Food Show in Birmingham – however with the Covid cancellation this year bought online for the first time. Order placed first thing one morning, and the delivery arrived mid-morning the next – super speedy! The oil has long been a favourite of ours – we tried rapeseed oils from various producers before settling on the Cotswold Gold product – it has a wonderful flavour all on its own while still being neutral enough for any cooking application.

  28. Jenny

    Once you try this oil you won’t buy into other brands. Buying this larger container is an ideal way to help the environment.
    We top our smaller bottle up.
    I’ve been using cotswold gold rapeseed oil for about 10years now. After trying the oils at the BBC food show. The oil is literally liquid gold and helps make the best roast potatoes!!! Great service, fast delivery, tastes and smells delicious. Really versatile!

  29. Danielle

    A repeat order of an excellent quality oil, delivered quickly and efficiently.

  30. Greg

    Excellent oil for all uses, and great value. Highly recommended

  31. Steve D.

    Excellent oil, use it in place of all the other different oils we used to buy , nice nutty taste and good value too , Try it !!.

  32. Robyn

    This is our household staple now – aside from the flavoured versions we just don’t buy any other oil now. By far the best flavour of any rapeseed oil we’ve tried. Thank goodness for the 5 litre bottle too!

  33. Simon

    I decant this into an old glass olive oil bottle, knowing that it’s better than olive oil and now cheaper, too. I use it for everything and can’t imagine going back.

  34. spyridon

    I started using the rapeseed oil years ago, When I discovered it on a very small
    private Supermarket In Waterloo area, is the quality and taste of the oil that is unique
    I use it in all my cooking, it is a great natural product

  35. Julie Cozens

    We use so much Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil in our day to day cooking we opted for 5 litres this time. It is always delivered promptly, is great value for money & most importantly is delicious. We are also trying the flavoured extra virgin oils currently which are amazing.

  36. Rosalind Danks

    We love Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil and use lots of it hence buying this 5 litre container. Great product and efficient delivery.

  37. John

    Great to be buying an outstanding British Product that more than matches the “foreign stuff”.

    John Atherton

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