Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil Infusions – Lemon


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Cotswold Gold Infusions – Lemon

Naturally infused with Lemon our Cotswold Gold infusions are available in 3 sizes. Our Lemon infusion is citrus fresh and full of zest!

  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

Our infusions range can be used in the same way as the original Cotswold Gold to give a fresh dimension to your food – dressings, marinades, roasting, frying, baking etc.

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Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil Infusions – Lemon

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil Infusions – Lemon a fragrant, tangy and extremely versatile infusion.

Our Lemon infusion can be used in a variety of ways. We hope you enjoy!

  • Drizzle over asparagus before grilling
  • Great for Mediterranean style cooking
  • Mix into Cotswold Gold Mayonnaise
  • Salads – in a dressing or on it’s own

Citrus fresh and full of zest, Lemon oil is perfect way to freshen up a savoury dish. A great oil to have on hand when you want to get that Mediterranean flavour, add to chicken, pasta and seafood dishes. Delicious when made into salad dressing but equally so drizzled over grilled vegetables, chicken, or fish.

You can even try mixing our infusions together to create other interesting flavour combinations.

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100ml, 250ml, 500ml

15 reviews for Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil Infusions – Lemon

  1. Jane Ashcroft

    This was the first bottle I purchased and I have to say I don’t know what I did without it. It’s so useful. Lovely on salmon. In fact it’s lovely on everything. I’ve now purchased all the flavours. I would highly recommend this.

  2. John Young

    I am so glad I discovered Cotswold Gold’s lemon infused rapeseed Oil. This is by far the best lemon infused oil I have found. I use it in salads, to marinate meat and fish. My guests (when we were allowed them) always commented on the fresh, lemoniness! Happy to recommend this oil and delighted I was able to replenish my stock during lockdown. Thanks to the CG team.

  3. Oonagh Wade

    Lovely! I’ve used it in salads and with fish – nice light, fresh flavour – I’m going to buy another bottle.

  4. Natalie Thurgood

    I’ve been buying CG oils for a few years now, and like the others, this is excellent quality. This is an absolute staple in my cupboard. Fab in salads or drizzled over green veg, mixed with cous cous or pasta – just delicious and so versatile.

  5. Sally Kirkpatrick

    Delicious lemon flavoured oil. Can be used for do baby things. I definitely recommend this

  6. Nina Chana

    Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oils are simply the best. We have tried many flavoured oils but nothing beats the flavoursome oils you guys produce! You never disappoint!!

  7. H Shone

    There is no better oil than The range of infused rapeseed oils from Cotswold Gold. They are all fabulous but the lemon variety is always fully stocked in my larder.

  8. Chris Glazik

    Discovered Cotswold Gold a few years ago whilst visiting Broadway, have been using it ever since. The Lemon Infused oil is brilliant for salads, cooking fish and making risotto. Beats the ‘local’ lemon infused oil, keeps its flavour, stores well, but never gets chance to stay in the cupboard for long. Glad to be able to buy it online as well as when passing the farm.

  9. Lesley Lack

    I love these oils & really enjoy a drizzle on my salads. Very tasty without being too overpowering. I will really recommend C/oils.

  10. Mo Willcocks

    I have been buying this product for many years and would recommend it. Great for fish, chicken,and salads .

  11. Sally Kirkpatrick

    Delicious lemony oil. good for pouring over salads, vegetables , fish and so much more. Highly recommended

  12. Kathryn Dunbar

    Haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love this oil. A good, strong lemon tang which is excellent on salads.

  13. Kate

    Only used once so far as salad dressing, drizzle of this with drizzle of home made blackcurrant vinegar. Super flavour, you could really taste the lemon. Rapeseed oil is much nicer than olive oil as a salad dressing. I am please to be supporting a British company with good produce.

  14. Susan Scragg

    The lemon oil was my first purchase a couple of years ago,whilst on holiday. I’ve now bought the largest bottle,as i find i use this flavour more than any of the others. Lovely drizzled over fish,particularly white fish,and would definitely not be without it now!

  15. Tricia Brown

    Excellent oil, use on a regular basis

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