Farming England – Farming Fields of Gold.  Unveiling the Beauty of Farming: Cotswold Gold and owner Charlie Beldam Featured in this BBC Documentary


In the picturesque landscapes of the Cotswolds, where rolling hills meet the beauty of the countryside, Cotswold Gold shines as a beacon of excellence in artisanal produce. Last year, our remarkable farm, owned by Charlie Beldam, had the privilege of being featured in a captivating documentary by the prestigious BBC. In We Are England: Farming England – Farming Fields of Gold, this extraordinary film offers an immersive exploration of Cotswold Gold and the profound journey it encapsulates. Join us as we delve into the heart of the documentary and share the story behind this remarkable production.

A closer look at the BBC documentary, available to watch on BBC iPlayer, takes viewers on a mesmerising journey through the enchanting landscapes of the Cotswolds, showcasing the extraordinary efforts of the Cotswold Gold team. As the camera pans across golden fields and picturesque vistas, it provides a glimpse into our world of sustainable farming practices and the production of our Extra Virgin Cold pressed Rapeseed Oil.

The documentary beautifully captures the essence of Cotswold Gold and the vision of its owner, Charlie Beldam. The documentary unveils the meticulous care and attention Charlie and his team invest in cultivating and nurturing their rapeseed plants, ensuring their well-being and natural growth. From sunrise to sunset, the film takes viewers on a journey through the daily operations, offering an intimate look at the dedication and craftsmanship behind each bottle of their renowned and multi award winning produce.

Throughout the documentary, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting the incredible individuals who bring Cotswold Gold to life, led by the passionate owner, Charlie Beldam. From the skilled farmers who toil tirelessly in the fields to the artisans overseeing the cold-pressing process, each person plays a vital role in preserving the traditional methods of farming while embracing innovation. Their stories, interwoven with breath taking visuals, create a tapestry that showcases their unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture and the production of exceptional rapeseed oil under Charlie’s guidance.

Cotswold Gold Team image

As you watch We Are England: Farming England – Farming Fields of Gold, you’ll witness how Cotswold Gold embraces sustainable farming practices to protect and preserve the environment. The documentary highlights our commitment to crop rotation, natural pest control methods and fostering biodiversity. By adopting these sustainable techniques, Cotswold Gold sets an example for other farms, inspiring them to prioritise environmental conservation and ensuring a brighter future for agriculture and our precious land.

While the documentary showcases the journey of the business, it’s important to note that the farm offers more than just cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Our range of artisanal products, including infused oils, dressings, and delightful mayonnaises, exemplifies the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every creation.

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