As the summer sun finally graces the UK with its warm embrace, it’s time to explore the culinary wonders that the season has to offer. One ingredient that shines in summer recipes is garlic mayonnaise. This creamy condiment adds a burst of flavour and depth to a wide array of dishes. Highlighting its key ingredient—Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil from Cotswold Gold. Made on our picturesque farm in the Cotswolds, this garlic mayonnaise is sure to elevate your summer dining experiences.

Mayonnaise, with its velvety texture and tangy taste, has been a beloved condiment for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the Mediterranean, where it was first created by blending egg yolks, oil and vinegar. Over time, variations of mayonnaise emerged, each adding its own unique twist to the classic recipe.

Garlic mayonnaise, also known as aioli, holds a special place in culinary traditions. It is believed to have originated in the Provence region of France, where the combination of garlic and mayonnaise was embraced as a staple in Provençal cuisine. The bold flavour of garlic adds an aromatic kick to the smooth and creamy texture of mayonnaise, creating a harmonious balance that elevates a wide range of dishes.

At the heart of Cotswold Gold’s garlic mayonnaise lies our signature Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil. This oil, made from rapeseed grown on our farm in the Cotswolds, boasts a distinct flavour profile that perfectly complements the pungency of garlic. Cold pressing ensures the retention of natural flavours, resulting in an exceptionally high-quality oil that serves as the base for their flavourful garlic mayo. We use local garlic from the Vale of Evesham and free range eggs.

It is made from all-natural ingredients. No added colours, flavours or preservatives. And suitable for vegetarian diets.

Our addictive Cotswold Gold Garlic Mayonnaise gets straight to the point with a smooth aftertaste. It is the perfect partner to meat, seafood, salad & especially chips!  Made from our Extra Virgin Cold pressed Rapeseed Oil means that it is also healthier than other mayonnaise on the market.

Inspired after featuring on the BBC with Raymond Blanc “Kitchen Secrets 2011” & then with James Martin “The Food Map 2013” we developed our original mayonnaise before moving on to develop our Garlic Mayonnaise.

Garlic Mayo Chicken burger

5 Ways to Enjoy Garlic Mayonnaise this Summer:

1. Grilled Delights

Enhance the smoky flavours of grilled meats and vegetables by slathering them with garlic mayonnaise before cooking. It adds a delightful depth of flavour and a luscious coating that caramelises to perfection. Use to brush over the outside of a toasted cheese sandwich instead of butter before grilling.

2. Sumptuous Seafood

Elevate your seafood dishes with a dollop of garlic mayo. From grilled prawn skewers to crispy fish tacos, the creamy and garlicky notes will tantalise your taste buds. Use in a Marie Rose sauce in a twist on a classic prawn cocktail.

3. Fresh Summer Salads

Whip up a refreshing summer salad by tossing crisp romaine lettuce, seasoned cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado with a generous drizzle of garlic mayonnaise dressing. The creamy texture adds a delightful creaminess while enhancing the flavours of the seasonal produce.

4. Gourmet Burgers

Take your burger game to new heights by spreading a generous amount of garlic mayo on the toasted bun. The creamy richness and garlic infusion will transform an ordinary burger into a gourmet delight. Wonderful on a buttermilk fried chicken burger.

5. Dipping Delights

Create a mouth watering dip by combining garlic mayo with Greek yogurt, squeeze of lemon juice, and a pinch of smoked paprika and sea salt. It pairs beautifully with crunchy vegetable crudités, tortilla chips, or even as a spread for savoury crackers. Perfect with seasonal asparagus and our teams favourite – chips! Golden, crunchy chips slathered in garlic mayo!

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