With the long period of no rain we were worried that the harvest this year would be down. Shows what we know! This year has been one of the best we have ever had. It does not really add up. The rapeseed harvers has been and gone in the blink of an eye and we hope that the rain will hold off for a little longer.

Har vest is the manic time of year with all hands on deck to bring the crops in.

In the photo is our combine that cuts the crop and seperates it from the rest of the stork.

This crop is the rapeseed, this stickly plant produces a  jet black seed that is taken back to the farm for crushing to make the extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil for all to enjoy.

Martin Blunos one of only 14, 2 star michelin chef’s in the world wanted to come round and see how we produced the oil that he uses in his restrant. Martin and his side kick Lance came over and we showed them the whole process from cutting all thr way through to the oil going in to the bottle. “It was great to show a chef of such class how I produced the oil and to hear his thoughts on what he had expected, which was a much larger set than the one 1 use.’ Martin has used Cotswold Gold and many of the food shows that we attend and also uses it in his restrant in Cardiff.

We have added shops to our stockist range so look out on the where to buy pag for more details.https://cotswoldgold.co.uk/stockist.html

The website is being updated at the moment and will have all of the infsuions for sale in larger bottles and for the same price as you can buy them at a show just with P&P at cost on top.

A few new product will be coming out between now and Christmas so keep an eye out for them they relly are worth a try.

With three weeks off between shows and then the manic season then continuing all the way up to Christmas it is time to build stocks and make sure there is enough of everything for shops/shows and the online sales.

There will be more photos of the wheat harvest soon and a walk through by photos of how we produce the oil from field to bottle.