Cotswold Gold Raspberry & Wholegrain Mustard Drizzle


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Raspberry & Wholegrain Mustard Drizzle

Drizzle the Cotswold Gold range with a difference, use as a marinade or a dressing!

Made from raspberry vinegar, our very own Cotswold Gold cold pressed rapeseed oil and wholegrain mustard.

  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

Now available in 100ml, 250ml & a new 1lt bottle




Cotswold Gold Raspberry & Wholegrain Mustard Drizzle

Not just a dressing! Our Cotswold Gold Raspberry & Wholegrain Mustard Drizzle a dressing with a difference. Bringing a light and fruity flavour with just the right amount of sweetness and tang. The perfect accompaniment seafood, chicken & steak either as a marinade or drizzled over before cooking. A delicious salad dressing that will transform even simple leaves, it can also be cooked with, or used as a condiment for hot and cold food.

Drizzle over salads or blanched vegetables to bring out their flavour. Marinade meat, fish or veg before roasting or throwing on the BBQ…even mix with a bit of Cotswold Gold mayonnaise and dollop on your burgers!

Additional information

Weight .550 kg

100ml, 1Lt, 250ml

41 reviews for Cotswold Gold Raspberry & Wholegrain Mustard Drizzle

  1. Marilyn

    Rasberry and Mustard Drizzle
    What a fantastic product, I use for dipping with lovely crispy types of bread. Bought this at Abergavenny Food Festival along with the red pepper drizzle, but I have nearly finished the raspberry and mustard and still have nearly the full bottle of red pepper, my preference. Now ordering for myself and 2 x daughters as they also love it. Please get an outlet in South Wales soon. There is a beautiful deli close to where I live called – ‘and all things nice’, tel: 01633 680509, why not try them.

  2. Jo

    Raspberry & Mustard Dressing
    I bought the raspberry and mustard dressing at the Oxford food festival and loved it! I have spent a long time looking for the perfect salad dressing and this is it! Lovely flavour but not too over powering. I have come back for more!

  3. Zuzana

    Drizzle Raspberry
    Absolutely delicious. I am completely addicted, it’s fabulous with rocket leaves.Can’t get enough of it. Fabulous.

  4. Kay

    I bought the Red Pepper and the Raspberry and Mustard Drizzles at a food show in Hereford. They are perfect, fantastic for dipping and as salad dressings. no matter what you do with these sauces they are guaranteed to brighten up your meal!

  5. Mandy Murray

    Ideal Home
    I brought the Tomato and Basil Drizzle at the Ideal Home on the 15th March and it’s all gone – 11 days later! We haven’t even tried it on salads yet, just with bread. Love it!

  6. Rachel

    I love these – I use them as salad dressing every day and can’t get enough of them. Sugar free and so tasty! I bought my first bottles at Gloucester Farm Shop Services and am now having to top up my addiction online. They were delivered promptly and very well packaged.


    Great for salads lovely highly recommend

  8. Caroline

    My only complaint is that the Raspberry and Mustard is so delicious that it doesn’t last long! We discovered these dressings at a food festival in Broadway in the summer – I don’t think other dressings and drizzles have had a look in since.

  9. Lyn Proctor

    This is the only drizzle/dressing that I now use. I love the flavour and find supplies seem to run out faster and faster! Before discovering Raspberry and Mustard I rarely, if ever finished a salad dressing (even, I have to admit, home made ones.) Now I shake every last drop out of the bottle. I love it. I do not see that it can be improved upon.

  10. Alexandra Murrell

    Yes I adore the raspberry and mustard drizzle. I hope it will be available in all kinds of shops.

  11. Shelley

    Best salad dressing ever – I rarely ate salad before as found too boring but since discovering this delight I can’t eat enough salads!!! One of the best products on the market! Please don’t ever stop producing it!!!!!

  12. Neil

    The slight sweetness of the raspberry dressing works really well on peppery leaves (watercress, rocket…) while the balsamic lemon goes great on vegetables and grains.

  13. Janie

    This is wonderful, so versatile, very good value for money and I can’t compliment the taste enough. Not overpoweringly strong but with plenty of flavour. Goes well with almost anything in my opinion-salmon, salads, cooked Sunday style dinners , in soups or for just tasting out of the bottle on a spoon. A perfect blend of flavours. I compared it with a similar, cheaper own label brand. The Cotswold Gold drizzle was far superior and in a different league altogether. The price is very reasonable for the quality. The only gripe I can think of is why isn’t it available everywhere? I live in South Yorkshire and for one bottle it cost me more in postage. It did arrive impressively quickly though (next day) and well packaged. I’m sure there is a wider market for this product as I think it might sell itself.

  14. Alison

    Absolutely delicious, the best salad dressing ever tasted

  15. Paul

    I usually make my own salad dressing but this is something very special.


    First purchased the Raspberry and Mustard dressing at one of the deli’s in Broadway in the Cotwolds and absolutely fell in love with its taste – always drizzle it over my salads and tastes amazing. Charlie does a great job in sending out the orders so quickly – order one day and it is delivered the next Fantastic product and fantastic service. Now on my fourth bottle with many more to come. Would love you to produce a lovely Greek citrus dressing – have been searching for one since I had a holiday in Pefkos in Greece but not been successful

  17. Roland Shackleton

    Absolutetly delicious and different.dressing. First class service, the order was received within 48 hours, for a fitst class dressing. I cant recommend it highly enough.

  18. Mo

    I repeat order this direct as there are no local suppliers. A wonderful flavoursome dressing to light up a sald.

  19. Minnie

    I agree, it’s absolutely delicious and delightfully unusual. Everyone loves it. Brilliant service – prompt and beautifully packed.

  20. Nick Bailey

    What a great product, I regularly take a salad to work and with the Raspberry and wholegrain Mustard drizzled on it. The taste is awesome and it can be used with so many other meals. Ive added it to Stir fries and Rice and it never disappoints. Another great product from a great company.

  21. Harold

    been using this product a long time , and we think it is very good better than most popular products.

  22. Ruth Downing

    We bought the Balsamic and Lemon dressing from Gloucester Services initially and must admit it is the best dressing we have ever had. Full of flavour, but not too overpowering. Actually finished the bottle, every last drop! Unfortunately it isn’t found in many shops so had to buy online. Stocked up on four bottles to make the postage worthwhile. Service from Charlie at Cotswold Gold was first class – just like the dressing!

  23. Lesley

    Have tried them both – and will never go elsewhere now, we are hooked! Fabulous natural flavour with just the right balance of oil and flavouring.

  24. Carol Clark

    Delicious on absolutely everything savoury, down to the very last drop ! First purchased from a local food fair and one bottle is never enough. Fast service from Cotswold Gold.

  25. Gill Greetham

    Only tried one so far, Balsamic and Lemon, light, sharp and delicious having tried this I am eager to try the Raspberry and Wholegrain Mustard but no shop near so will have to wait for food festival season or for when I need to order more oils, but cannot wait to try having read the above reviews.

  26. Shirley Smith

    Since discovering this dressing(raspberry and mustard), We now love salad!!
    It’s the best salad dressing ever!!!

  27. Hazel Farrell

    Excellent product have purchased a second bottle with my on-line order and one as a gift for a neighbour.

  28. linda Tipper

    Absolutely love this raspberry and mustard dressing. As well as salad dressing it is delicious on chicken and gammon for cooking. Couldn’t survive without it through lockdown so mail ordered with some other products and the service was so efficient – well done!!!

  29. Alison

    Raspberry & Mustard dressing

    lovely on salads such a fresh taste, also great on pasta , fantastic delivery service ,received the next day

  30. Oonagh Wade

    Loved this one and got through the bottle in 2 days!

  31. Caroline

    This product is delicious, lovely on salad.

  32. Tony Perry

    My wife really enjoys this, which is unusual because she suffers from a dry mouth caused by Sjogrens Syndrome. She finds most ready to use dressings to “sharp” but this is perfect and has a lovely flavour too! We always have a spare bottle in the cupboard.

  33. Wendy

    Took a chance on this, a small one for me to try and the largest as present for someone who loves mustard – amazing

  34. Ian French

    We first had this product in Broadway Deli on a lunchtime salad, we were so impressed we asked if we could buy some, which we could in the store and have gone back many times over the years to buy more. With lockdown, so pleased we can order on line. Ordering is easy with reasonable delivery costs. Goods were delivered quickly and efficiently . Will now look at buying other products in the range

  35. Jennifer

    Like the rest of you; I just love this dressing. So many ways to eat it, but I can even eat salad now! I previously thought salad leaves were just a way of getting mayonnaise off the plate and into your mouth without dirtying a spoon!!! Now; with a drizzle of the raspberry and grain mustard I actually enjoy the lettuce !

  36. Kathryn Dunbar

    I’ve given it 5 stars because my husband loves it. I’m not so keen as I can take or leave mustard. The raspberry flavour hits you immediately but soon the mustard takes over so and drowns out the raspberry, for me, I prefer the lemon or smokey oil.

  37. Elaine Angell

    Tried the Raspberry and Wholegrain Mustard Drizzle and the Rapeseed oil at The Good Food show a few years ago and have been using both ever since.
    The Drizzle is perfect with bread for dipping or on a salad – I Love it !! It is zingy & tongue popping !!!
    The Rapeseed Oil I use for everything even dipping for crusty bread!


    ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Try marinading chicken or pork with it. – makes a huge difference. Wonderful salad dressing and great on roasted veg. Order more than one bottle!

  39. Susan Scragg

    Ive only recently purchase the raspberry and wholegrain drizzle,and what a difference it makes to your salad. I was abit unsure as i’m not a mustard lover,but i adore raspberries,so only ordered a small bottle. I will definitely be ordering a larger one next time!

  40. Linda

    This is my first purchase of the raspberry and mustard drizzle. I used it on organic salad leaves from my local organic farm shop. Absolutely delicious and best salad dressing I have tasted. Will certainly be ordering it again.

  41. Agnieszka Turlaj

    Amazing, perfect, great taste. I am so happy and definitely highly recommended.

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