Cotswold Gold Original Mayonnaise


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Our addictive mayonnaise is the perfect partner to meat, seafood, salads, chips and just about anything!

  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarian diets

All of our delicious Mayonnaise’s are 3 for £10

Made from our Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil it is also healthier than other mayonnaise on the market. 

Available in 248g jar & as a delicious garlic mayonnaise!




Cotswold Gold Original Mayonnaise

Our addictive Cotswold Gold Original Mayonnaise is the perfect partner to meat, seafood, salad & especially chips!  Made from our extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil means that it is also healthier than other mayonnaise on the market. A delicious nutty flavour, light texture & amazing colour.

Inspired after featuring on the BBC with Raymond Blanc “Kitchen Secrets 2011” & then with James Martin “The Food Map 2013” we developed our original mayonnaise before moving on to develop our Garlic Mayonnaise.


  • Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil (80%)
  • Free range liquid pasteurised whole EGG (12%)
  • Spirit vinegar
  • Granulated sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • Sea salt

Additional information

Weight .248 kg

11 reviews for Cotswold Gold Original Mayonnaise

  1. Kath

    We bought a jar of this mayonnaise from the good food show in Birmingham and it is the best mayo we have ever tasted, fab!

  2. Kay

    This Mayonnaise is the best I’ve had, my partner and I bought a jar after tasting it at a food show in Hereford and have both loved it since!

  3. Lyn Proctor

    I love the smooth creaminess of this mayonnaise. I tried it initially because I love the Raspberry and Mustard drizzle so much and decided to try it instead of my usual Mayo. I am completely converted. I have just bought a jar of the Garlic Mayo but have not yet tried it. I have high expectations !!

  4. Lynda

    Just finished our first jar of this mayonnaise. Lovely full flavour. Already buying the oil by the can and will certainly try the raspberry and mustard drizzle.

  5. Ros

    Super product, having bought two, but disappointed that the shelf life is only five months before it should be opened.

  6. Charlie Beldam

    Hi Ros thank you for letting me know. This product is fresh and has no artificial preserves in it. These preserves add to the shelf life but change the product and structure, This is not what we are about at Cotswold Gold. All of our mayonnaise has 6 months shelf life from date of manufacturing. I hope you can enjoy the products. Kind regards Charlie

  7. Hosting

    Award winning extra virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil – grown, harvested, pressed bottled in the Cotswolds. Delicious, nutritious oils, mayonnaise dressings.

  8. Hosting

    Award winning extra virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil – grown, harvested, pressed bottled in the Cotswolds.

  9. Liz

    Both the original and garlic mayo are both delicious. The closest thing to homemade I have tasted.

  10. Rhona

    Really good mayo. In danger of using it all up too soon.

  11. Sally Kirkpatrick

    Really lovely and delicious tasting mayonnaise. Very lemony and no hint of sweetness that can spoil a mayonnaise. I have bought several jars over time. Heartily recommended

  12. Penny Hedley Lewis

    The best quite addictive 100% recommend

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