Here’s a little about Cotswold Gold and what we do…

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In 2010, Charlie Beldam – a farmers son and enthusiastic foodie – set up Cotswold Gold as a diversification venture based around his family’s arable farm near Broadway, Worcestershire.

The farm was already producing high quality rapeseed and Charlie wanted see if this crop could be made into a quality end product that would inspire the food industry and promote British farming.

“Cotswold Gold is a premium extra virgin rapeseed oil made using traditional cold pressing methods that preserve the health benefits of the seed making the oil naturally high in vitamin E, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 and low in cholesterol.

“We only use crops grown on our family farm in the Cotswolds thus ensuring that only the finest seeds are pressed to create our vibrant, golden oil. All of our oil is grown, harvested, pressed and bottled in the Cotswolds.

Our extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil can be used in place of oil or butter in all of your recipes. The oil has an extremely high flashpoint of 240 degrees C, which gives a crispy finish to fried and roasted foods whilst retaining its light, nutty flavour. Our oil has won many awards and is currently used in 19 Michelin star restaurants so we must be doing something right!

With its natural health benefits and extremely versatile cooking properties Cotswold Gold is unquestionably the best oil to use for all cooking from dressings to high temperature frying…basically anything you need oil for in your cooking use Cotswold Gold!”


‘Charlie Beldam Founder Cotswold Gold’

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