We are now in the middle of harvest, which is our busiest time of year. We grow the crop all year and over the next two months we hope for the weather to hold off and the sun to come out so we can crack on with harvesting our crops.

Our rapeseed has now all been cut and is in the shed ready to be used for our next batch of Cotswold Gold.

It has been a hard harvest so far with the weather coming to put a dampener on it and grinding us to a holt. This is no bad thing every now and then to let our plant catch up and we always have plenty of wet weather jobs on the farm for the boys. (Always ones they never really want to do like emptying the dust box)

In the photo on the left you can see one of our combines in action. They don’t take long to cover some ground which I very important especially in a wet year like this.

More photos to follow of the wheat harvest.