Flexitarian The Planetary Health Diet

In today’s news a group of professors based at Harvard University have developed a diet that could save the planet. The “flexitarian” or the “planetary health diet” where meat & dairy are not totally eradicated but eaten in lesser quantities. This diet is not just a fad diet but a new way to live.


We are all becoming increasingly concerned about the planet. Trying to live a more environmentally friendly life is on the forefront of all our minds. This new approach to food is one way we can begin to look at saving the planet.

So where does rapeseed oil come in……..

Cotswold Gold an extra virgin oil made from 100% rapeseed with absolutely no additives. Cold pressing methods used here at Cotswold Gold only extract the richest 30% of the seeds oil. Therefore our oil is able to provide many natural health benefits. Rapeseed oil is naturally rich in omegas 3, 6 & 9, high levels of vitamin E and is very low in cholesterol 0.1%.

Switching to a UK based plant oil for your everyday cooking needs lowers your food miles & reduces your own carbon footprint alongside supporting the UK economy. Rapeseed oil is also a vegan alternative to animal based fats such as butter and can be used to replace butter in all recipes, even cakes!

If you were in two minds whether or not to make the switch, Cotswold Gold Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil has less than half the saturated fat of olive oil, another huge health benefit.

The flexitarian diet doesn’t have to be boring and our infusion range is a great step to making the switch as the 7 varieties we offer can be added to a variety of food to increase flavour.

And to top it off, Cotswold Gold products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives so you can be rest assured that you are cooking with all natural ingredients.

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil Infusions 100ml

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