After a good harvest we have been working hard to get next years crop in the ground. This is always at the mercy of the weather.

This year we have managed do reduce our carbon foot print by direct drilling all the rape. This helps to reduce the amount of fuel that we have to use to work the land. This has not been possible in the last few years due to the wet summers that have made soil compaction a big problem.

With the wet and warm weather that has followed the rape is now growing and has established well. This is very important to prevent pigeons damage. If there is a good covering of the soil then the pigeons wont land and so will move on and eat something else or someone else’s rape…!!!

With the work on the farm coming to an end we are now flat out in to shows. Watch out on our twitter or facebook page for free ticket giveaways, in the Lead up to Christmas, They have already started.

Cotswold Gold has made it out to Afgan. This photo shows CG on patrol manning the gun.

It was used for everything from cooking the spam, lubing a machine gun and frying some soldiers in the sun. (just shows how versatile Rapeseed oil is)

The last big news for us is last week we had Raymond Blanc at the farm.  Read what he had to say on his day with Cotswold Gold: See the link below:

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